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A.R.T. Location in Montana

Beginning instruction will teach techniques needed to master the art of taxidermy. Courses will develop student's skills in caping and skinning, measuring, form alteration, mounting and finish work. Students will complete game-heads, life-size pieces, fish, birds, and antler plaque mounts. Finished pieces are property of each student to take home. 

In addition to taxidermy instruction, students will be provided with business training. Covering topics such as:

bulletBusiness plan writing 
bulletFinancial forecasting 
bulletMoney management 
bulletPricing for product 
bulletLicensing and disclaimers 
bulletBusiness set-up costs 
Eight Week Course Outline:

YEAR 2009


January 5 – January 16  Fish      
January 19 – January 30  Birds      
January 5 – January 30  Fish & Birds     
February 2 – February 20  Gameheads, Lifesize,    
  Skinning & Tanning Aspects   
February 23 – February 27  Habitat  & Base Work    
January 5 – February 27  Eight Week Instruction   

March 30 – April 10   Fish      
April 13 – April 24   Birds      
March 30 – April 24   Fish & Birds     
April 27 – May 15   Gameheads, Lifesize,    
   Skinning & Tanning Aspects  
May 18  – May 22   Habitat  & Base Work    
March 30  – May 22   Eight Week Instruction   

July 6 – July 17   Fish      
July 20 – July 31   Birds      
July 6 – July 31   Fish & Birds     
August 3– August 21   Gameheads, Lifesize,    
     Skinning & Tanning Aspects
August 24 – August 28  Habitat  & Base Work    
July 6 – August 28   Eight Week Instruction   

YEAR 2009

Seat Reservation Due upon return of Registration Form:  $800.00
First Payment Due two (2) months prior to beginning of class: 
Second Payment Due one (1) month prior to beginning of class:       
Skinning and Tanning Aspects will be taught throughout the eight-week instruction and are not available without attending the Gamehead and Lifesize portion of the taxidermy course.  (Prices are due to change without notice)

Due to the current state of economics in our country, instead of increasing our tuition cost, we have decided to waive the damage deposit requirement, and have added the $300.00 damage deposit cost to our tuition cost.
Pricing includes all supplies and specimens, and housing is FREE.  The classroom is open 24/7

for pricing  

Academy of Realistic Taxidermy 
23474 Road 250N

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