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Dear Prospective Student:

Thank you for your interest in the Academy of Realistic Taxidermy (A.R.T.).  

I want to let you know some history about A.R.T and myself.  I went to taxidermy school in 1989 along with 8 other students.  The whole time we attended school the word anatomy was never mentioned and reference was not available for student’s use.  These are two of the most important tools in taxidermy.

A.R.T. has a library with over $25,000.00 worth of reference for student’s use while in class.

In 1995 I went to my first taxidermy competition.  I was told at taxidermy to school not to waste my time going to taxidermy competitions.  Well, my eyes were opened wide as I had never seen anything like it.  The mounts were not only artistic, but they looked alive, as if they would move or breathed at any given moment.

In the first year, A.R.T. had the opportunity to take two classes to taxidermy competitions, a total of 12 students competed and we came home with a total of twelve major awards.  One student went to the National competition and won 2002 National Champion in Cold Water Fish.

Due to the current economic state of our country A.R.T., like every other business in the country, has had to cut costs, however, A.R.T. will not be raising its tuition cost.   I will now instruct you.  Taxidermists who are proven masters in their field have taught me taxidermy, and I am confident that through the instruction I have been given from the best of the best over the last 19 years, I have the skills necessary to provide the very best taxidermy instruction available.

Here at A.R.T., we provide you with the best taxidermy instruction available (quote of the NTA).  There is no big screen TV to watch, because the classroom is too big.  Instruction is hands-on, and there are never more than 8 students per class.

We do not charge for housing, as it is free, and you are provided with your own room.  The price of tuition includes everything you need accept your food.  You will live in a house with the other students, and it is set up with the comforts of home; dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and satellite TV.

I do believe, whole-heartedly, in the art of taxidermy and want to see it passed on.

Thank you and the best of luck to you all.


      Steve Faechner, President
      Academy of Realistic Taxidermy
    "Fundamentals and tricks-of-the-trade will be taught by World and National Taxidermy champions from across the United States. This School will not only educate individuals on taxidermy methods and practice, but will also offer intense business courses, covering the do's and don'ts of operating a taxidermy business. 
     Students attending A.R.T. will complete the course with a full education of taxidermy and small business operations. The taxidermy instructors include individuals who are outstanding in the taxidermy field. The are masters in the art and will bring to the school the best instruction offered in North America."

National Taxidermy Association
Outlook Magazine - May-June 1999

Academy of Realistic Taxidermy 
23474 Road 250N

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